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I am Hāloa – Home

I am Hāloa is a feature length documentary film about Hawaiian identity and culture, as understood through the story of Hāloa, the first Hawaiian person in the Hawaiian Creation Story known as the Kumulipo, and the traditional Hawaiian staple food commonly known as poi. This film tells the story of three Kamehameha high school seniors Lahela Paresa, Laʻa Hia Kekahuna, Tayler Anne Mealiʻi Fitzsimmos as they embark on a journey of self-discovery as they travel throughout the Hawaiian Islands to gain a better understanding of their culture and to re-establish a link to the first Hawaiian, Hāloa. For 90 days they will commit to cultivating, harvesting and eating kalo (taro) for three meals a day. During these 90 days the girls will travel to ancient kalo lands throughout Hawaiʻi to learn from some of the most inspirational agricultural, spiritual and cultural leaders in Hawaiʻi about the past, the present and the future role that Hāloa could play in guiding the people of Hawaiʻi. I am Hāloa will explore the inherent values and conflicts that come with incorporating Hāloa into modern lifestyles in order to inspire the next generation to look to our past for a path to a sustainable future. We will also examine the amazingly delicious new ways that this ancient, sacred food is revolutionizing cuisine in Hawaiʻi. These three young ladies will work with some of the top chefs in Hawaiʻi like Lee Anne Wong, Ed Kenney, Mark Noguchi and Andrew Le, to see how Hāloa is being incorporated into the menus of the most delicious restaurants in Hawaii.


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